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  • Pool Season Opens July 2

    Published: July 02, 2021

    Daily Hours: 6am to 11pm. The Griffin Parc community pool has finally opened. However, the pool will be closing at 9:00 pm each night per the City of Frisco until one pool light is repaired. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the pool being completely closed. Notification will be sent out once the repair has been completed. Click Full Story for more information.

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  • Community Pool Update

    Published: May 28, 2021

    Unfortunately, the pool will not be ready to open for Memorial Day as planned. The recent rains and delayed part deliveries have pushed the opening back a couple of weeks. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and understand this is upsetting news. Click Full Story for more information.

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  • West Nile Virus Prevention

    Published: May 08, 2021

    Please take a moment to walk your property and rid it of standing water. This includes a requirement to properly maintain water features. Standing water with high organic matter can turn into stagnant water that has potential to allow mosquitoes to breed. Identifying mosquito breeding areas is especially important because the north Texas area continues to see mosquito populations that can carry West Nile virus. Click Full Story for more information.

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  • Architectural Committee Volunteers Needed

    Published: April 22, 2021

    The Griffin Parc Board is looking for two (2) candidates to serve on the Architectural Review Committee. The committee reviews applications for exterior modifications to make sure the requests adhere to the deed restrictions as well as in design harmony with the neighborhood. The ARC reviews submitted applications online so no need to meet in person. Click Full Story for more information.

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  • On-Street Parking Reminders

    Published: March 30, 2021

    Some of you may have noticed an increase in on-street parking. Please be aware residents are encouraged to park in the garage or on their driveways whenever possible. Parking on the street should be for guests, visitors and deliveries. When vehicles park on both sides of the street, this can cause a safety issue. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles have to slow down to try to squeeze through our streets when seconds matter. Also children and animals may not be seen as easily as cards can limit your view. Click Full Story for more information.

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  • Building Permits for Home Improvement Projects - City of Frisco

    Published: March 30, 2021

    The Building Inspections and Code Enforcement Division wanted to share some tips for completing successful home improvement projects. See the attached handout for details of what is required to submit a residential permit. Click Full Story for more information.

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  • Help Frisco ISD Spread the Word-Kinder Enrollment

    Published: February 25, 2021

    We are asking Home Owners Associations and apartment complexes to help spread the word about our Kindergarten Enrollment period happening right now. Click Full Story for more information.

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  • Home Care Tips - Preparing for Rising Temperatures

    Published: February 19, 2021

    Ahead of thawing temperatures, please inspect your home thoroughly and often. Pipe bursts and sources of water damage do not always originate inside your home. A frozen, damaged pipe may not leak for many days after above freezing temperatures depending on the location, severity, and conditions. So, continue to monitor your home to avoid damage caused by freezing temperatures. A plumber may also be a good resource to help recover after freezing weather conditions. Click Full Story for more information.

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  • Trash and Recycling Canceled this Week

    Published: February 18, 2021

    Curbside trash and recycling service is canceled for the rest of the week due to recovery from wintry weather and challenging road conditions. Trash collection resumes starting Monday, February 22, on your regular service day. Please set any bags of trash that will not fit into your full trash bin next to the bin (not on top), and those will also be collected. Crews will be servicing trash routes first, then recycle routes. It is possible crews will collect recycling on a different day than your trash collection. Please leave both bins out until picked up. Click Full Story for more information.

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