Friendly Reminders

The Griffin Parc Residential Homeowners’ Association Board DOES NOT permit, endorse, approve or otherwise condone the use of any park or common area inside the Griffin Parc neighborhood by any athletic organization including organized practices.

Trash Receptacles - Keep the Neighborhood Beautiful

    On trash day, trash receptacles should be stored out of public view after the trash has been picked up.  If you have a front entry home, please store your trash containers in your garage.  For the residents whose trash containers are picked up from the alley, please make sure to roll the carts up to the house to keep the alleyway clear of containers, which are some times knocked over by the trash service or the wind.  Always make sure lids are secured so trash doesn't blow around the neighborhood, and pick up any trash which may have been dropped or missed by the garbage service workers.

Gazebo Vandalism

    Sadly, a group or individuals are damaging the gazebo by knocking out the spindles.  Please remind your children that damaging public property is destructive, expensive, and against the law.  Take pride in your community and care for its amenities.

If you see someone damaging the gazebo or any other public property, please call the Frisco Police Department Non-Emergency number at 972-335-5505.

    Take Care of Your Children
    Signs such as “Slow" or "Children at Play” are not speed deterrents. It is never acceptable for children to play in the streets, and parents should not place cones or other traffic impediments in the street.

Solicitors in Frisco

    Solicitors must have permits and are allowed to solicit between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm. Free “No soliciting” signs are available to residents and can be picked up at the Frisco Police Department.  If you wish to report a solicitor who does not have a permit or is in the neighborhood other than at the approved times, you may contact the police non-emergency number (972-292-6010).

Control Your Pets

    Please be kind to your neighbors by keeping your dog on a leash when you're outside.  It is against the law in the City of Frisco to allow your pets to roam the neighborhood and animals will be impounded if caught.
    Also, make sure you clean up after your pet!

The Fine Art of Parking

    Remember to park in driveways and garages.  If you or a guest must park in the street temporarily, please park with the direction of traffic, and don't block a neighbor's driveway, mailbox, or trash cans.

Beautiful Yards, Beautiful Community

    Please remember to keep your backyards looking as great as your front yards, especially if you live on the greenbelt.  Trees and bushes should be neatly trimmed and flower beds groomed.
    Do you have a neighbor that has an eye-catching, beautiful yard? Help us recognize them by contacting us with their name and address. If you email us a picture we can put it on the website.

Slow = Safe

    Slow down!  Drive 20 mph in the neighborhood for the safety of all our families. We have had several dangerous situations recently, especially on Veneto Drive.

Lean and Green

    Help us conserve water:  follow city watering guidelines and turn off your sprinklers when it is raining.

Share Your Ideas

    Do you have a great idea for a neighborhood event? Contact us and let us know! Thanks in advance for your cooperation!